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Rules of the "Dreams of Life" call for projects

2023 Edition

Starting from the observation that the countless foundations existing in the world are there to contribute to curing the great diseases, sufferings, injustices and now to repair the impacts of human life on the planet, but that few of them are interested in the happiness of living;

Based on the observation that many people are unhappy and miss out on what they would have dreamed of living or what they were made to live;

That this state of affairs is often the consequence of a failing education or life circumstances (often linked to poverty) that did not give them the means and/or did not allow them to develop all their faculties,

Based on this observation and the philosophy derived from an oriental proverb, “when a people dies of hunger, rather than giving them fish, they must be taught to live”.

The Rêves de vie association is launching a call for projects with the following objectives:

  • La révélation des talents et de la dimension cachée de personnes, soit sous forme de bourse quand elles pourront contribuer à l’amélioration de la santé du monde, soit sous forme de contribution ou de soutien quand le projet sera d’intérêt général (artistique/scientifique/care/impact/planète).
  • AND/OR the fulfillment of life dreams of people who are suffering or disadvantaged

The Rêves de vie association is supported by the Jean-Noël Thorel Foundation.

  • The project falls within the scope of Rêves de vie
  • The project is led by a person who can rely on an existing structure (  association)
  • The structure can have an action anywhere in the world but must be based in France or in the European Union or a member of the European Economic Area
  • The project has a scope of general interest or benefits a sufficiently large group of individuals
  • The structure must be completely autonomous, have legal personality and have its own financial resources;
  • An applicant must submit only one project
  • The project has a solidarity / sporting / cultural / scientific / entrepreneurial dimension[1] / health / self-fulfilment

Exclusion :

  • The Rêves de vie association does not subsidize projects carried out by religious or political organizations

[1] In this case, this project will have to be developed in conjunction with an organisation authorised to receive donations for its SME support activity

To participate, you must fill in the questionnaire available on the Rê website:  “submit your application”.

Les pièces suivantes doivent être jointes au dossier de candidature :

  • The application file completed online ;
  • A budget estimate for the realization of your life’s dream ;
  • For the project structure, attach a copy of the articles of association, the latest activity report (less than two years old) and the latest annual accounts ;
  • A certificate of civil liability insurance (to be provided at a later date for pre-selected candidates) ;
  • Complete autonomy of the structure, endowed with legal personality and having its own financial means.

Incomplete applications will be refused. Candidates will be able to send photos, videos and any other useful media to promote their dream.

The deadline for applications is midnight on September 15, 2023.

Applications are submitted by answering the online questionnaire at the address. Rêves de vie verifies the validity of the applications and prepares the selection, which takes place in three stages:

  • Pre-selection of projects based on compliance with the criteria carried out by the Dreams of Life team
  • Summoning of shortlisted candidates to present their dream to a jury
  • Selection of the winners by the jury

It is specified that any contact by the candidate with the members of the jury during the selection procedure is strictly forbidden and will result in the disqualification of the application.

At each stage of the selection process, candidates and winners are informed of the results.

The winners will receive a prize of up to €50,000 depending on the jury’s opinion and the strength of the project. The prize will be paid in the form of a cash and/or in-kind grant (covering the costs of the winner’s project [2]. A payment agreement will be concluded between the association and the winners to define, in particular, the terms and conditions of payment by Rêves de vie, and reimbursement in the event of breaches of its commitments by the winner.

[1] In this case, this project will have to be developed in conjunction with an organisation authorised to receive donations for its SME support activity

[2] By way of non-exhaustive examples: financing of training; financing of the support necessary to initiate/realize one’s dream; financing of start-up expenses related to their dream (study, meetings, travel, communication, etc.); rental of technical resources for a young artist who wants to produce a first excerpt; purchase of equipment (e.g. person with a disability)…).

  • July 11, 2023 : Opening of the platform
  • September 15, 2023 : deadline for submission of applications
  • September 15 to September 30, 2023 : Pre-selection of up to 20 dreams
  • November 21, 2023 : Hearing by the jury
  • December 2023 (date to be announced): Announcement of results

All participants agree to:

  • Read and accept these rules without reservation;
  • Participate, or be represented, in the hearing by the jury. Failure to participate or be represented at the hearing of the Jury will automatically result in the exclusion of the candidate from the call for projects;
  • Waive any appeal concerning the conditions of organization of the call for projects and the decisions of the juries;
  • Accept the prize in its assigned form.

The person agrees to carry out the project for which the grant was granted and to use the entire grant exclusively for the project. As such, the winning organization will report on the progress of the project to Rêves de vie and will send it all the supporting documents (letters, photos of the project, etc.). At the end of the project, the structure will produce a written report containing any useful documents justifying that the grant awarded has actually been used within the framework of the project described in the application file. In the event of non-compliance by the winner, the Rêves de vie association reserves the right to request the full reimbursement of the grant awarded.

Rêves de vie and the dream bearer will agree on the terms of communication around the project through an agreement.

Photos posted on the Rêves de vie platform may be used for communication purposes on social networks. To this end, the participants and the Rêves de vie association will agree on an agreement for the transfer of image rights.

Participation in this call for projects implies full acceptance of these rules.

Rêves de vie reserves the right, for any reason whatsoever, to postpone, shorten, extend or cancel this call for projects, without legal formality and without formal notice.

Rêves de vie cannot be held liable in this respect and no reimbursement or indemnity of any kind will be due to the candidates.

Any changes to the schedule, closing of the call for projects, these rules and the application file are available on the website

For further information, please contact :