Presentation of the association

Objectives and actions

What for?

To preserve the beauty of the world and our humanity, we believe that it is particularly precious and essential to dream and support projects for the future.


With Rêves de vie, we want to offer a financial boost to people who have a wonderful dream and would like to make it come true.

WithRêves de vie,
We want to raise awareness:

That life is sometimes perceived as short but justly beautiful and precious,

That it is possible to expand the universe of human achievements, for oneself and for others, that dreams (like laughter) are perhaps what make man – what characterizes his humanity and differentiates him from machines or animals,

That everyone can find their unique path of freedom and fulfillment,

May each other's life dreams form a constellation of stars, a community of souls that shine together.


Jean-Noël Thorel, entrepreneur and founder of NAOS, is a freedom-loving man who has been acting in his professional and personal life for several decades in line with his dreams of independence, creation and love of the living.

The Rêves de vie association
is financially supported by the endowment fund
Jean-Noël Thorel Foundation.